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Rose Pruning & Care

Pruning roses in the garden is not for the faint hearted, but Mates@Work can ensure a well-trimmed rose garden through each season.

There are three big questions surrounding rose pruning and trimming - how to prune, when to prune and what to prune! We'll put your mind at ease by providing you with a professional rose pruning service coupled with great advice about rose care and maintenance.

When it comes to rose pruning in Adelaide, Mates@Work are your go-to guys!

Caring for your roses

Looking after your roses also involves managing the soil where the rose is planted and can sometimes involve spraying the rose with a lime sulphur spray and an insecticide to protect the rose from common disease and pest problems. We're equipped with all the right tools and sprays to make sure your roses stay beautiful and healthy.

When to prune roses

The ideal time for most rose pruning is in winter, wen the roses are dormant, usually between June and early August. If your garden experiences frost, it's better to leave the pruning until the later date. Pruning at the right time can help your roses prepare to produce the best flowers.

Over 40 years experience

We have over forty years of experience and can provide expertise, experience and care in looking after your roses.

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