Control Weeds in Your Garden

Mastering the weeds in your garden has never been easier, and the Mates@Work team have been whacking weeds and maintaining gardens around Adelaide for decades.

Markus and the crew are experts in their field, and remain the most trusted choice in Adelaide’s gardens for the correct and safe removal of weeds and other unwanted garden invaders.

From herbicide spraying, through to mulching, soil rejuvenation and organic control methods, your Mates@Work can whack those weeds and keep your garden looking great year round.

Don’t compromise when it comes to weeds

So turn to a pair of trusted hands in the garden – with a couple of green thumbs, and relax in the knowledge that Markus and the Mates@Work team have decades of experience behind them when it comes to garden services in Adelaide, alongside the skills to manage your green space in a safe and reliable way.

Reach out and contact Markus and the Mates@Work team today, to discuss a weed management approach to your residential or commercial garden and green space. We’ve got the know-how to whack your weeds and keep your garden in tip top shape year round and throughout the seasons. So don’t compromise when it comes to weeds, rely on the most trusted gardeners around – Adelaide’s own Mates@Work.

Find a friend in your garden and unearth the potential of your property, commercial, or green space with an unrivalled gardening team - Adelaide’s own gardeners Mates@Work.