Rose Pruning & Care

If you’re into roses, Mates@Work offers Adelaide’s oldest and most trusted rose pruning, soil management and maintenance routine.

A continued experience among our team of more than four decades – means that your roses will get loads of attention and be at their best year round.

This traditional service, delivered into Adelaide’s gardens for many years, remains a unique element of our business, and one which we continue to offer our clients who are either rose enthusiasts or have found themselves in possession of a wonderful rose garden. The mates team can take care of your relatively high-maintenance roses for you, meaning that you can enjoy the aesthetics of a multi-coloured and attractive rose garden, without the time, cost or hassle of maintenance.

Adelaide’s longest running expert rose pruners and maintainers

We’ve got the expert knowledge when it comes to rose and rose garden maintenance, including what nutrients to use, when and what quantity, alongside a targeted pruning regimen to give your tired roses a refreshment, encouraging a full vibrant bloom, while ensuring they have the roots to last and to thrive.

So turn to Adelaide’s longest running expert rose pruners and maintainers, Mates@Work – and watch your roses bloom with a new lease on life.

Find a friend in your garden and unearth the potential of your property, commercial, or green space with an unrivalled gardening team - Adelaide’s own gardeners Mates@Work.