Keep Your Hedges Trimmed and Your Trees Shaped

Keep your hedges and small trees healthy, green and impressive all year round by letting the expert Mates@Work team provide a regular trimming, pruning and maintenance service.

Staying on top of the trimming and shaping in your garden can be a time consuming exercise. Let the experienced gardeners at Adelaide’s Mates@Work do the heavy lifting for you, saving your back, and providing a great looking solution for your property or commercial space.

Mates@Work can also provide a shaping service to ensure that your small trees, shrubs and hedges catch the eye and add to the presentation of your garden.

For business and assets, the Mates@Work Gardening team provides a great service, ensuring your workplace or site is kept in tip top shape, attracting the public eye and providing a great image of your enterprise.

Find a friend in the garden

Whether it’s revitalisation, some serious tree surgery, or shaping and pruning to enhance the aesthetics of your green space – call on the expert team at Adelaide’s Mates@Work and find a friend in the garden.

So call today for a friendly chat with Markus and the expert Mates@Work team to discuss your trimming and shaping needs – and grab a no-obligation free quote while you’re at it.

Find a friend in your garden and unearth the potential of your property, commercial, or green space with an unrivalled gardening team - Adelaide’s own gardeners Mates@Work.