Garden Maintenance

Finding the time to maintain a garden, or even give it a once over, while maintaining your own work/life balance can be a real challenge.

Mates@Work has been helping busy people stay on top of their gardens in Adelaide for decades now, keeping a regular schedule for many and helping out in those times when things have gotten a bit out of hand!

Delivered on a schedule that suits both you and your garden, let your Mates@Work stay on top of the green growth while you concentrate on your family, work and the necessities of modern living.

The Mates@Work team can deliver a fully ticketed and trustworthy garden maintenance service including:

Complementing your brand

Markus and the team continue to pride themselves on in-home, residential gardening services in Adelaide, keeping gardens both large and small under control and looking great year round, while allowing clients to enjoy the great Adelaide outdoor lifestyle to the fullest – and without the hassle of garden maintenance.

If you’re in business, or have a commercial space, rely on Mates@Work for a prompt and professional asset management and commercial garden maintenance schedule. We can even design a brand new garden for your business or workspace to complement your brand, ensuring the image of your business remains vibrant and cuts through the noise.

Find a friend in your garden and unearth the potential of your property, commercial, or green space with an unrivalled gardening team - Adelaide’s own gardeners Mates@Work.